R A Clement Associates have a very experienced audit team lead by partner, Fiona McGlynn. For details of the other team members see Meet the Audit Team.

How could an audit benefit your organisation?

An audit is about more than just the figures.  It should also cover such topics as the environment in which you operate, the opportunities available to your business and the risks to your business's survival.  Our approach to the audit process can help to turn what is normally seen as an overhead into a benefit to your business.

Contact us to discuss your option on 01631 562 643 or email Fiona McGlynn

Registered Auditors

Not all accountancy firms are registered auditors but R A Clement Associates are.  This means that we are authorised to provide audit services, including grant claim audits and specialist charity audits which have very specific audit requirements.  See our Charity & NFP Organisations section.

Does my business need an audit?  Non-charitable businesses are required by law to have their accounts audited if:

  • Turnover or gross assets exceed a particular figure which can change from year to year. Check the "Business Link" website (the Government's online resource) to see if you qualify for an exemption
  • The company is part of a group which exceeds the statutory figures for that year.
  • You are required by your professional body or trade organisation to have your accounts audited.
  • Your shareholders have requested an audit.
  • You are a public limited company.
  • You are an insurance or finance company.

Other good reasons to have your accounts audited by R A Clement Associates:

  • We can identify potential areas of weakness and suggest methods of improving your business performance.
  • The image and reputation of your business is enhanced by a properly presented financial statement which complies with statutory requirements.
  • An audit acts as a deterrent to anyone contemplating fraudulent activity and enables you to review your potential fraud exposure.
  • A history of accounts with clean audit reports is useful should you wish to sell the company.
  • The audit document provides a sound financial statement which can be the basis of future applications for finance.

Meet The Charity & Audit Team: