Trusts and executorships

Why might you need a trust?

Trusts can be useful for retaining family assets.  For some people, trusts can be a tax efficient way to provide for future beneficiaries without incurring excessive inheritance tax.

There are a variety of different types of trust such as:

  1. Accumulation & Maintenance Trusts
  2. Bare Trusts
  3. Discretionary Trusts
  4. Life Interest Trusts
  5. Charitable Trusts
  6. Protective Trusts
  7. Personal Injury Trusts
  8. Disabled Trusts
  9. Bereaved Minor Trusts

Each type of trust can be adapted for a different purpose and each one is subject to a different tax treatment. Contact our friendly staff to find out if you could benefit from our expertise in this area.

What does an executor do?

The executor acts on your behalf to ensure that the terms of your will or trust are fulfilled and that the law is complied with.  He or she needs to know the procedures involved in administering the trust or will and also what is required to comply with both the law and the terms of that particular will or trust.

What do we do?

  • R A Clement Associates can advise you on the most suitable trust for your purposes or, indeed, whether a trust is the right vehicle for you.
  • We can liaise with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and provide a full range of accounting services for trusts once they have been created.
  • Where appropriate, we can act as executors or trustees to manage your trust and ensure that its purpose is fulfilled.
  • Alternatively we can provide professional advice to individuals appointed to administer an estate. We are familiar with the duties and responsibilities of executors so if you have been appointed as an executor and would like some advice contact us for a chat. You may only need one meeting to point you in the right direction.
  • We can also advise you on the preparation of your will.

Please contact us here at R A Clement Associates to arrange a review of your options.

If you are reading this outside normal, office hours you can email us with your contact details and we will call you back to make an appointment at one of our offices.