Retirement strategies

We all hope that our standard of living will not drop drastically when we retire. Forward planning and good advice are needed for a comfortable retirement. R A Clement Associates can advise you on all aspects of retirement - not just pensions - there are many questions to consider.

So how do you ensure a good retirement?

Look through the topics listed below and then arrange an appointment at one of our offices

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Some of the questions you need to consider are listed below.


What type of pension is best for your circumstances? When should you start paying in?

Exit Strategies

If you own a business, how do you set about retiring? Will you withdraw from the business whilst leaving it to be run by a successor? Do you have a workable succession plan? Do you wish to sell the business?

Savings and Investments

Many people look to savings and investments to provide additional income in retirement.  Do you have the right balance of products?

Life assurance

Many mortgage agreements and pension plans provide an element of life assurance, but is this enough to secure your dependants quality of life if you die?

Long term care

How do you plan financially for a time when you might need to be cared for in your home or in residential accommodation? If you become ill, would private medical care be preferable to relying on the NHS?

...So many tricky questions to consider but we can help you if you contact us.