Business services

Every business owner needs a team of professionals in the background who provide continuous support and advice. That's what we are here to do.

Through years of commitment to our business clients we have developed a wide range of skills and services designed to improve business performance and profitability.

Acquisitions & disposals

If you are considering taking over another business call us first. It is a complex and expensive process which, if not thoroughly researched and skillfully negotiated, can lead to disaster.

Building and construction

The building and construction industry is very volatile at the best of times - and these are not the best of times.

Company formation

Why? .... Because we can help you to decide what type of business entity would be the most cost effect for your type of enterprise.

Corporate finance

Your business must have adequate funding or it will not thrive. R A Clement Associates can help you to ensure that your business has access to the most suitable grants and loans available.

Bookkeeping & accounting

We can relieve you of much of your bookkeeping and accounting burden so that you are free to be creative and concentrate on running your business (or playing golf).

Business startup

You start up in business because you have a good business proposition and the enterprise and commitment to see it through, not because you are fond of doing VAT returns and dealing with government forms.

International services

Your business cannot ignore the growing opportunities for trade with people and companies abroad, especially in the current economic climate.

Rescue & recovery

Business collapse can have a dreadful impact on the owners, staff and investors so you need to act before you reach that stage.

Strategic planning

To be a successful business manager you must plan ahead, but all too often the immediate demands of the enterprise are such that strategic planning is neglected.

Building profits

The building and construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors of the UK economy. To succeed in this industry good financial advice and careful planning are most important.

Forensic accounting

There is a chance that you will, at some point, find yourself involved in a legal dispute over money.

Investment and financial

In the current economic climate you need the best advice you can get to maximize the return on your investments and finances.


If you are a manufacturer you are affected by interest rate changes, currency fluctuations, overseas competition and changes in consumer preference, to say nothing of the ever increasing price of oil!


Whether you are a small shopkeeper or a large retailer, our team of experienced professionals is here to help you so read on.

Corporate tax planning

Corporation tax can represent a substantial cost to your business.