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Payroll department

You want the most cost-effective payslip preparation possible and we want to provide that service. Our experienced staff process many payrolls for a diverse and demanding clientele and you too could benefit from the efficiency savings we provide.

The payroll bureau operates from the ground floor of our premises at 8 High Street, Oban pictured above.

Free Payroll Quotation

You can contact our payroll manager Sandra Shedden for a free payroll quote.  Phone her on 01631 568 272 or email her withyour contact details, and she will get back to you.  For Sandra to provide you with a quotation you will need to give her the following information:

  1. Payroll frequency (weekly/fortnightly/four weekly/monthly)
  2. Number of employees
  3. Payroll payment method (BACS/Cheque/Cash)
  4. Business type
  5. Other information which may affect the payroll, e.g. "workshop staff hours vary each week".

Are You an Employee?

If you are, try our payroll calculator now to see what your net pay should be.

Why choose Abacus to run your payroll?

  • Our staff have many years experience running payrolls for over 250 businesses throughout Scotland.
  • We can produce cost effective payrolls for any pay frequency period and will submit your year end forms to HM Customs & Revenue on time and on-line, avoiding costly penalties.
  • We can produce departmental costings where required.
  • We are highly skilled at dealing with all compliance issues, including the latest regulation on PAYE, NI, SSP, SMP and other frequently changing regulations.

How do we collect your information and process your payroll?

The following section should answer that question.....

  • 1. We use telephone, fax, email and secure document exchange to receive time and attendance records from clients and can make changes to a payroll at any time prior to the actual payroll run. Of course if you are local, you can simply walk to our office and hand it in. Payrolls can be run on weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly basis.
  1. Once payslips have been printed (both security and standard payslips are available) we can reprint one or more payslips if required.
  2. Payslips are then sent by post or carrier or hand delivered to clients for distribution to staff. Holiday, maternity/paternity and sick pay, tax credits, pension contributions and other additions or deductions can all be included in the processing as required.  Our payroll software is fully compliant with all Inland Revenue requirements so we can offer an assurance that the payroll processing will be accurate, timely and comply with all fiscal demands.
  3. Summary reports are then printed.  The summary reports we produce include full details of the payments made to staff and the sums due to the Inland Revenue for Income Tax and National Insurance.  In addition to these summary reports we can also provide reports on pension contributions and other payments.
  4. Reports are then delivered to clients by fax, email, post or via Secure Document Exchange via our website.

To ease your payroll pressures phone Sandra and her staff on 01631 568 272 or email her. You have enough to do just running your day to day business without adding payroll processing to your "To Do" list!