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ICT services

What is ICT?

The quick answer to this question is "Information and communication technology" but that tells you nothing! It really refers to all things computerised including phone systems.  R A Clement Associates' ICT team look after all our computerised systems, including the telephones. Of course they also use computers on a daily basis and regularly update our software and hardware. All this means that they have lots of useful experience from which you too can benefit if you become one of our ICT clients.

Why Choose R A Clement's ICT Team?

We know all the problems associated with operating on the West Coast.  We know which hardware and software works best in "remote locations" with intermittent electricity supply problems and delivery times for spares twice as long as normal.  We do not sell hardware so we have no axe to grind, but we do know which brands work best up here.

....... One last point, we have clients for whom we only do ICT, rather than accounts and taxation. 

The ICT Team

Andy Newiss is the partner with overall responsibility for ICT here at R A Clement Associates and the team is lead by ICT manager, Dr Jonathan Anglesea.  Tomasz Kardasz also joined the team on 2nd August 2012 as ICT Technician.

The team has a vast knowledge of ICT gained over many years - Jonathan alone has over 37 years experience in both software and hardware. For further details of the ICT technical staff and their qualifications see Meet the ICT Team  

What Can We Do For You?

Some of our services are listed below, but if you want anything that isn't listed, contact us anyway!

Comprehensive ICT Systems Audit

It is useful to know what technology you have and where exactly it is. We come to your site and list all your hardware and software, including models, versions, firmware revisions and any other parameters you would need in order to replace that item in the event of failure. We then present you with a report listing all this.  This report can then be used for insurance and disaster recovery purposes.

To arrange a visit please call Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy.

ICT Systems Review

Similar to the systems audit above but with a clear "recommended action list" so that you can easily see what you have and what changes might be useful.  Sometimes a small change can improve work-flow and benefit your business and at other times radical changes may be necessary.

To arrange a review of your hardware and software please call Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy.

Upgrade Advice

If you think that your system could be giving you more than it does, we can visit your site and discuss what you really need from your system.  We then provide you with a report detailing the most cost effective way to achieve your goals. 

To arrange a visit please call Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy.

ICT Security Review

We can review your system and procedures to make sure that they are all safe and secure.  The review will include assessing your protection against viruses and malicious attack.  ICT disasters do not have to be as a result of a malicious attack.  An employee could simply delete the wrong folder and you could find your systems inaccessible.

There are also Data Protection implications if you do not adequately secure your data. 

If you wish to discuss security please phone our Oban office on 01631 562 643 and talk to Andy Newiss or Jonathan Anglesea.

Disaster Prevention

Prevention is often overlooked until it becomes "disaster recovery" (see below).

We can advise you on what systems to put in place to best secure your data and hardware from the consequences of fire, flood, viruses, loss of service or malicious interference with your PCs or network.  Call our ICT manager, Jonathan Anglesea to discuss your options on 01631 562 643.

Disaster prevention is a lot more cost-effective than disaster recovery!  Call Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy. to prevent disaster. 

Disaster Recovery

This is to be avoided if at all possible, but you know that already. Disaster recovery procedures should be written in advance of the need for disaster recovery!  We can study your systems, write a procedure and tell each member of your staff what to do and when to do it.

A good disaster recovery procedure can make the difference between your business continuing or experiencing severe difficulty after fire, flood, burglary or malicious attack.  - Only 6% of companies who have had a major loss of their computerised records will survive, 43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years (Cummings, Haag & McCubbrey 2005).

Call partner Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy. to discuss your options.

IT Training

Staff training can be very cost effective. We know the Windows and Sage shortcuts and many other little wrinkles we can share with you if you opt for a training session or two.

We have experienced staff who can train you and your employees in how to use your systems to best advantage. An hours training for your staff can save many staff/hours.

In addition to general computer training, we provide Sage training tailored to you and your staff's requirements so that you only pay for training in the areas that you need.

Training in Cashflow Manager  We can show you the fastest way to enter your data, how to reconcile the bank and do your VAT returns. We can explain how to interpret the reports to help you manage your business.

To arrange training, or for further details, call ICT partner, Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643.  Alternatively email Andy or email Jonathan, our ICT manager.

Help With Selecting a New Phone System

Trying to decide which phone system is best for your business can be a nightmare.  How are you supposed to judge when you cannot follow the marketing blurb? Read on....

You need advice from somebody who is familiar with the various computerised telephone systems (and jargon) and this is where the R A Clement ICT team come in handy.  We have already upgraded our own phone system and reviewed systems for clients too.

Call Andy Newiss or Jonathan Anglesea first on 01631 562 643.  Alternatively email Jonathan or Andy.

Technical Review of Proposed New Systems

If you are considering upgrading or installing expensive, new technology, please call us first.  We can go through your options with you prior to your committing to spend a lot of money.  We do not sell hardware or non-accounting software, so we have no vested interest but we do know what kit is reliable and we can negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.

Please contact us PRIOR to purchasing any new system. It is more difficult for us and more painful for you if you only contact us when it does not do what you want! Contact us before you make that purchase.

Installation & Setup

A small investment here can mean a large improvement in the efficiency of your business.  For example, setting up your broadband router correctly from the start means that unauthorised access and "denial of service" incidents will be prevented.

Our ICT staff can do it all, from taking the brand new equipment out of the boxes to installing and configuring it.  Computers, printers, routers etc, we have done it all before and we can do it for you too.  To discuss your technical issues call Jonathan Anglesea, our ICT manager on 01631 562 643.

Perhaps you just need to call us with a quick question when your new equipment arrives? We are happy to help, no matter how small or large your problem.

To discuss what we might do for you, and what it will cost, call our partner in charge of ICT, Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy

Support for Your ICT Systems

We can visit your site or setup secure, dialup facilities so that we can look directly into any problems you have without leaving our seats.  Once set up, this remote diagnosis of your system will save you time and money.

We can also perform such tedious and often overlooked tasks as checking that your system backed up successfully overnight. If it failed to back up, we can email or phone you to let you know and sort it out for you.

To discuss your requirements, please call the partner with responsibility for ICT, Andy Newiss, in our Oban Office on 01631 562 643 or email Andy.

System Security

Securing your system includes preserving data confidentiality, making sure that the data is accurate and complete and ensuring that it is not available to unauthorised users. The "Office of the Information Commissioner" specifies what you need to do to comply with the data protection act and lists the penalties for not complying.

  • Do you have a written policy on browsing the internet and have you distributed it to your staff?
  • How do you make new staff aware of your ICT security (and other) policies?
  • As removable devices get smaller and smaller, how do you prevent data theft?
  • If you allow staff to take data away on a data stick, is it encrypted in case the device gets lost?

These are just a few of the security issues to look out for. To avoid security issues you will need to implement a variety of different techniques, procedures and technical solutions. There is no "one size fits all" answer so we tailor our advice depending on the type and size of your business. We have spent many hours improving security for our own business and for our ICT clients.  Please call partner, Andy Newiss in our Oban office on 01631 562 643, to discuss you options or email Andy.

We can implement many forms of IT security such as firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus software for you and your business. We can advise on different types of anti-malware and interpret the results for you. Call Jonathan Anglesea on 01631 562 643 if you have any security concerns.

We can offer our clients secure document exchange via the "Client Only" area of our website. Your data will be kept safe behind 3 different firewalls and if your office burns down, your data is still safe, although you may have other problems to deal with!

System Reliability

This is more important than you may have considered.  If your computer or network is not available for use, all the time, then you are wasting staff time and your money!

A growing number of businesses are unable to function at all if their IT systems fail, for whatever reason. Ensuring that this down-time is kept to a minimum requires fail-safe systems. Our team can tell you how to minimise failures so that your users can work without interruption

Call our partner in charge of ICT, Andy Newiss or Jonathan Anglesea, our ICT manager on 01631 562 643 to arrange a time to discuss this. Alternatively email Andy  or Jonathan with your details and they will contact you.

ICT Policies & Protocols

We can suggest what ICT policies might be required for your business and then write them for you.  For example, you need to let your staff know your policy on emails.  Do you allow personal emails to be sent during coffee breaks or not?  Similarly, you should also define the firm's policy on social networking so that staff know what is and is not allowed.

Ideally you should have a protocol for all your office procedures. For example if you have a properly written protocol on how your business writes, sends and receives emails, staff will know how to proceed.

If you would like us to quote for either of these, please contact our partner for IT, Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy.

E Commerce

As e-commerce has evolved, R A Clement Associates has been actively engaged both as a user of e-commerce and as an advisor to many clients using the web for business. We have built up a considerable expertise in the use of on-line purchasing systems, web services and business portals.

We can provide advice on the various on-line payment systems which allow easy and low-cost transfer of funds. By using self-administered on-line funds transfer we have been able to make considerable savings when purchasing goods for ourselves and our clients.

If you are interested in e-commerce please contact our partner for IT, Andy Newiss on 01631 562 643 or email Andy. or Jonathan.