Bogus Bank E-mails

Recently businesses have been receiving e-mails purporting to be from a number of different banks. Some of these look very authentic and are linked to spoof web-sites which look almost the same as the legitimate bank web-site. These bogus e-mails attempt to trick you into revealing confidential information which would enable the fraudsters to access your internet bank account. You should not respond to them in any way.

The Bank Of England have recently intercepted over 100,000 such fraudulent e-mails. The e-mails have an attachment which masquerades as computer security software. The Bank of England is advising their customers to delete any such e-mail immediately. Their technical staff are working with the National High Tech Crime Unit to determine exactly what the attached software is able to do on your computer.

The best advice is do not open or respond to these e-mails. Delete them immediately.