ICT team

Meet the ICT team

ICT chaps

Our ICT Team - Jonathan Anglesea (the little guy on the left) and Tomasz Kardasz (the big guy on the right)

And what do they do all day? - They deal with all sorts of computer and telephony issues for our own business and for our clients.  (ICT = Information and Communication Technology)

Not sure if we can help you with your problem? .....  Just phone Jonathan on 01631 562 643 and ask him.  It really can be that simple!

Jonathan alone has over 42 years computer experience!  There is no substitute for experience but you can benefit from ours by using R A Clement's ICT Team to solve your computer and telephony issues. 

Tomasz Kardasz is also a valued member of the ICT Team.  He joined us as a full time employee in 2012.

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